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Prototype of " My Safe House " is completed

The wealth and life of your families lie in your hands


It is better to be safe than to be sorry. The West, especially the USA was so naive about the risk of terrorism and war that it took 9/11 to wake them up from their utopian dreamland. The horror of 9/11 attack are still fresh in people’s mind, and so are the disaster caused by Katrina and Irma. We can not live in denial anymore, we need to step out and take control of our lives as tension growing between North Korea and the USA can trigger the Third World War anytime soon. Our dependability on the government can be fatal as they would focus their entire strength and resources to combat the foreign threat. The safety concerns are enormous as the modern day warfare involves nuclear, biological, chemical and EMV attack. It is almost impossible for us to survive in such horrifying situation.
‘My Safe House’ is a digital token and a revolutionary idea in a quest to acquire a home that is safe from all potential dangers. It uses the latest technology to protect you from the dangers of disasters and wars. Since we are determined to keep you safe from every threat, we introduce you the latest model of investment, i.e., through Blockchain. You can invest in our ambitious project through ‘My Safe House Tokens,' thus keeping yourself away from the danger of recession or robbery.

Challenges and Risks

1) What happens when a hurricane or a tornado hits a city? It leaves a catastrophic disaster behind full of dead bodies, debris and lack of necessary facilities such as electricity, health, and communication. Even when there is a pre-warning for such natural calamity evacuating an entire city is a tedious task. Majority of old people, infants and pets do not survive the arduous process of evacuation.
2)Imagine the situation of a man trapped in a debris of his own home, with his family, after an earthquake of greater magnitude and then think of the possibility of their survival of the rescue efforts are delayed.(It is )Mere imagination of such scenario can send chills down your spine than what if we say that it is a reality. The rescue team cannot reach everywhere spontaneously.
3)According to the data provided by the Government of USA, around 90% of US population would succumb to an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack. It paralyzes all electronic and communicative devices, and it takes at least a few years to regain its standard functionality.
4)Imagine a situation after an EMP attack when ATM and Banks would cease to operate, it will be heartbreaking to have millions of dollars in your bank account yet unable to buy a burger to feed your family for even a single day. With the help of my Safe House tokens (Which is meant for EMP-proof), you can pay for anything that you wish to buy even in the times of crisis.
5)Radiations from nuclear attacks contaminate sky, water, and air all three critical elements to life.

One Stop Solution

‘My Safe House offers complete safety against all the possible dangers that may arise during the war, terrorist attacks or natural disasters. It is capable of regenerating food, water, and air supply within the house without relying on the sunlight or external assistance. It means that even in a situation where the outer world is contaminated with the radiation, you can provide healthy food, water, and air to your loved ones. The moisture level, temperature balance, and oxygen level are controlled by a computer which ensures safe havens for you. You get a house whose structure is designed and tested to survive the extremity of nature’s fury. From cyclones to tornados, from earthquakes to Tsunami, almost nothing can disturb your peace of mind while residing in your ‘My Safe House.' We provide you EMP-proof hospitals, communication, and transportation system during a disaster and even rescue you from the danger. Last but not the least digital wallets needed to buy and trade My Safe House Tokens not only helps you carry out transactions at the time of disaster but also keeps you safe from the fear of getting robbed on regular days. You no longer need to worry about the value drop of your currency as the blockchain technology ensures that the value of your tokens remains intact.

Smart Contract Address



Project Start

Oct 2010

Project Announcement

Research & Development by the team

Oct 2011


Token Sale

Q1 2018


Token Disrtibution & Exchange Debut

Q1 2018

MySafeHouse beta

Q2 2018

MySafeHouse market Place official launch

Q2 2018

Reasearch & Development completed & Trial run on animal

Q4 2018

Trial run on human being

Q4 2018

Beginning of construction of first My Safe House

Q1 2019

Delivery of first completed My Safe House

Q3 2019

Token sale

The MSW token grants exclusive access to the My Safe House Ecosystem. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Token sale.

Token Sale

Operation                            12%

Research & Development   40%

Marketing & Business
Development                      40%

Reserve                              10%

Token Allocation

Reserve                        10%

Funding Team              20%

Further Development     10%

Token Sale                    50%

Token sale parameters

Start Date
To be Announced soon
Token sale hard cap
$ 50 million
Minimum goal to start
$ 2 million
Accepted Currencies
Token exchange rate
1 MSW = 1 USD
Min. Transaction amount in ETH
0.1 ETH
Min. Transaction amount in BTC
0.01 BTC
Min. Transaction amount in LTC
0.5 LTC
Min. Transaction amount in XMR
0.1 XMR
Day 1 : +15% bonus
Day 2 : +10% bonus
Day 3 : +5% bonus
Day 4 : No bonus

My Safe House Market Place

  • Win-Win situation for all, bid all and save all. Give your loved ones and your pets a safe haven. Let them know that you care.
  • You can transact with your Tokens and your unit and see your investment grow multiple times

    Fully insured My Safe House not only restores your faith in the project but the insured amount in terms of tokens allows it to invest according to your convenience safely through your digital wallet.

    Volunteer in rescue missions to get My Safe Hose Rewards.

    Extra cash never hurts anyone, get a chance to earn some extra money by selling ‘My Safe House’ products to others.

    Apart from our own rescue teams, we will also build up partner relationship with several worldwide profesional rescue companies such as www.txrescueteam.com, www.globalrescue.com, www.rescueglobal.org, www.ferno.com.au and etc. In future, we will work hand in hand with them, exchanging valuable information and provide more rescue training to make a better world.


woi joon chong

Co-Founder & CEO

Yolanda A. Calabro

Head of Marketing

Md Ariful I.

Head Of Research Development

Katherine Wong

Head of Human Resources and Administration

Emmaa Megan

Head at MySafeHouse

loi yew lian

Co-Founder & General Manager


Account Manager

Saket Kumar Singh


Kamlakar Kendre

Digital Marketing Consultant & Project manager

Deepak Londhe

Social Media Manager

Rajesh Dabade

Web Developer

Sarthak Chavan

Graphics Designer


If you are really interested in owning a house that can protect your families and wealth from any possible danger than you need to have My Safe House (MSW) Tokens as this project is intended to run on the block chain technology using cryptocurrency.
It’s the concern and the willingness to provide safety to the loved one by people across the world that makes our tokens special as well as powerful. The demand for such projects are never ending and since it involves the safety of civilians lives it has the potential to become one of the top cryptocurrency of the world.
MSW is a ERC 20 token issued on Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and manage their MSW tokens using existing Ethereum clients including official Ethereum wallet, Mist, Parity, MyEtherWallet.com, MetaMask
The recommended gas limit is 150000 GAS which cost 0.000000002 Ether (20 Gwei)
MSW tokens will be issued automatically via Ethereum smart contract. ICO smart contract on GitHub will be public and available for audit by anyone
You can buy My House tokens directly from our website or you can buy some cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and then purchase our token using those bitcoins.
You can use any digital currency to purchase our My House Tokens. We encourage transactions through block chain as it is safe and easily accessible worldwide.
You are not allowed to purchase MSW Tokens if you are a resident or purchasing from a location in the United States of America or the People's Republic of China. You are not allowed to purchase MSW Tokens if you are an entity (including but not limited to any corporation or partnership) incorporated, established or registered in or under the laws of the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, or if you are purchasing MSW Tokens on behalf of any such entity.
Pre-registered users will get 15% discount for MSW token on the first day of sale. If you are the first 200 units buyers for My Safe House or My Safe Condominium. You can enjoy another 15% discount. This mean you can own a house at 30% discount on the market price.
“My Safe House” will use Smart Contracts on Ethereum Market Place to secure investors’ fund. It is a highly secured Market Place immune to cyber crimes, natural disasters, EMP attacks, etc.
Our ‘My Safe House’ costs around 5 Million US dollars a unit, initially we are launching first phase of My Safe House and first phase of My Safe Condominium. The booking fee is 50,000 USD for My Safe House and 10,000 USD for My Safe Condominium.
There will be 1000 units of My Safe House and 500 units of My Safe Condominium available for sale
You will have the access to My Safe House only if you have invested in our token (MSW). Please contact us if you would like to buy any unit of My Safe House or My Safe Condominium.
Yes, you can list your My Safe House / My Safe Condominium at our Market Place at the price you intend to sell or buy.
In today’s world where war is a real threat we provide total security from the effects of war and natural disaster. With only 1000 Units of My Safe house to offer initially and the increasing demand for it, the token value is bound to take a giant leap in long term future.
Fulfilling a promise to keep you safe from every possible danger is our dream and we do not want to leave a single loophole that can put you in danger of any sort therefore we are trying to test and retest our model to ensure that we deliver exactly what we promise. We have conducted many test and we plan to conduct some more test before handing you the keys of your dream shelter ‘My Safe House’. We plan to construct the ‘My Safe House’ in 2019. Be the first one to live in the safest house on the earth.

Contact Us


Office no. : +6531581836,
FAX NUMBER: +65 6917 8977
Mail: info@mysafehouse1.com


4181 NW 1st Ave,Suite6-Boca Raton, FL33431, USA
Office No. : +15187038131
Mail: info@mysafehouse1.com

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